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The Proof testing and Research in Structures and Materials Laboratory (PRiSMa) of the Roma Tre University was created in 2000 in order to support the research activities of the departments on civil structures. The equipment of the PRiSMa allows to carry out experimental tests on building materials, structural components and scale models.

The PRiSMa also has a mobile unit to perform static and dynamic monitoring and investigation activities on the existing structures directly in situ.

In particular, the PRiSMa shell carry out:

  • institutional, basic and applied research activities in the field of the structures and the building materials;
  • research activities on behalf of third parties due to assignments or agreements concluded by the Department of Architecture or other departments of the University: in this context, special tests may be executed at the PRiSMa Lab or investigation and monitoring campaigns may be carried out directly in situ;
  • standard services on behalf of third parties as an Official Laboratory according to the Italian Law 1086/71;
  • educational activities (stages)
  • teaching support (bachelor, phd and master’s degrees)

Official Laboratory
The PRiSMa Lab is an Official Laboratory according to the provisions of the Italian law 1086/71 and in this guise it executes quality and acceptation controls on the materials employed in the construction of new structures and experimental tests for the evaluation of the mechanical characteristics of materials coming from existing structures.

The costumer’s request can be forwarded downloading and editing the application form, in the Forms section, that must be signed and stumped from the construction manager.